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Consultancy Services


Sometimes you can be so close to a situation, perhaps even unwittingly contributing to it, that it can be difficult to see a path through.  GDA consultancy services give you clarity. Our approach is designed to give you back objectivity, help you identify the solution and get you back on track.

Your time is valuable so we use as little of it as we can.  We won’t leave you with an extensive report re-presenting the problem, instead we leave you with a direction and a solution that you can implement immediately – either through us or through your own agency.

Since its inception in 1996 GDA has always provided innovation not only with the solutions we create for our clients, but also in the range of engagement methods we employ.

Refusing to subscribe to the ‘full-service-agency’ business model has given us the flexibility to be responsive and truly creative for the benefit of our clients.

Our business model is designed to deliver the solutions our clients need, irrespective of the nature of the project or the size of the budget.

GDA consultancy services are designed to give you access to our experience, expansive approach and objective viewpoint to identify the solutions that will take you from good to great.

Big or small, short term or long term – you’ll always get our full attention.


GDA consultancy services in action

Mount Eden Correctional Facility

We were invited to visit the New Zealand Correctional facility to offer advice on developing a workplace culture that merged: the Kappa of the Maori people, staff views, the corporate culture of the New Zealand Department of Corrective Services, and the company ethos of our client.

GDA produced a succinct report, identifying the key crossover areas for success.  We then worked with the in-house communications team to ensure understanding and buy-in.

DIY Consumables

GDA have been working with a major Australian DIY company providing strategies to both create and maintain their brand within a competitive market place.

Through frequent, short consultations GDA produced strategic solutions and top-line design concepts that were then realized by the company’s own freelance designer.

Medical Equipment Supply

GDA have been hired to provide strategic advice for the marketing of a medical demonstration facility in Malaysia.  We have also been engaged to provide marketing advice for the promotion of the company’s events in Asia Pacific.

In both cases we have also been able to support the company in getting the work produced locally to maximise the economy of the projects.

Optimizing the marketing and communication within your business or organisation is just like the story of how to eat an elephant. You just start with one small bite…

Give us a call about GDA consultancy services, you’ll be amazed how satisfying that first small bite will be.

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