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Driving the future of SEO?

If you have been following the news lately you will have noticed four events that at first glance may appear unrelated:

  1. Apple have bought shares in Tesla Motors
  2. Apple’s Carplay has hit the headlines again
  3. Audi, BMW and other car manufacturers are adopting the digital dashboard in favour of traditional analogue dials
  4. Google have put in place Hummingbird

What is the link?

Tesla Motors design and manufacture electric vehicles.  The reported collaboration between Tesla and Apple has led to speculation that the company wants to move its brand experience into our drive time.

Apple is well known for the advancements it has made in voice-activated technology with SIRI.  Audi’s new fully digital dashboard has led to speculation that the next model of TT will feature the Audi 10.2-inch Smart Display as standard.

Google, unarguably the biggest player in Internet search engines, integrated a new search algorithm into their system – Hummingbird.  This changes the way Google will search through sites and display page one hits.  The emphasis has moved dramatically towards relevance of content and realistic language.

These four seemingly unrelated events all point to one thing.  We are entering a new era; a digital era defined by content, relevancy of information and real living language as searches are no longer confined to keyboard input based devices.

Why does this matter?

At GDA our focus has always been firmly fixed on relevancy and accessibility long before these big players waded in.  We know that if your project can not be easily understood by your target market then it will not be a success, no matter how impressive it may look.

Now more than ever, good communication is going to be the essential ingredient for all of your marketing.  If you want your message to be found you need to communicate in the way your target market are searching.  The recent actions of Google, Apple and Audi make this undeniable.

I’ll be interested to see who or what pops up next.  It won’t be long before we see another major player unveil something seemingly unrelated that adds another piece to this new development.

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