Anglicare WA Annual Report

Anglicare WA Annual Report


Effective stakeholder communication is vital to charities.

Anglicare is one of Australia’s largest charities and Anglicare WA seeks to help people thrive in today’s society, not just survive. From Kununarra to Albany, Anglicare provides a diverse range of support services from finance and housing to relationship support.


Given the huge geographical area covered and the vast range of services, resources and interventions offered by Anglicare, it was vital to capture the essence of the charity in order to keep the target audience engaged.

The brief was to provide a representational summary that captured the core ethos of the charity, defined its range of services and locations and illustrated the benefits of these.

All within a fixed page limit.


Before work began, we carefully scrutinised the brief and categorised all of the information into three sections:

  1. Statutory information (introductions, Board profiles, financial information)
  2. Practical information (a directory of services and locations)
  3. Emotional information (four ‘stories’)

This enabled us to ensure that each section was executed in the manner most suited to the content, ensuring it was conveyed accurately.

When it came to capturing everything Anglicare ‘did’ it was decided to carefully choose four areas of engagement that were representative of the scope of their service portfolio.

Four stories were carefully researched and written to ‘place’ the reader within the situations described so that they could get as close to the experience as possible.  The objective was to let the reader not only learn about the mechanics of the service being delivered, but also build an emotional understanding of the recipient’s needs, the staff’s efforts to assist and, ultimately, the relief experienced at the conclusion.

We then commissioned specific photography to strengthen the visual impact of these stories.

GDA’s approach was to give the reader an insight into the true needs, emotional drive and the benefits delivered so that they would be in a more informed position to understand what was going on daily within all of Anglicare’s WA locations and services.

In this way the reader would truly understand the scale of Anglicare WA’s work and the real need for their ongoing support.


The whole spectrum of Anglicare WA’s stakeholder group commented positively about the annual report – the objectives of the brief were met and the client’s requirements fulfilled.

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