GDA have forged a strong relationship with Bondall. A well established Australian business, Bondall have a stable of proven DIY products including best selling staple lines such as Bondcrete and Monocle. Distribution networks are Australia-wide covering smaller DIY stores and larger outlets like Bunnings Warehouse.
Australian consumers will spend large sums to create alfresco leisure areas, but can then fail to protect them against stains and damage by using the appropriate sealer. GDA were asked to review Bondall’s packaging so that it captured the difference that their products bring to outdoor living.  GDA provided marketing support for a variety of Bondall’s products, including:
<li>Bondall Natural Finish Sealer and Limestone &amp; Sandstone Sealer</li>
<li>Pond Tite &amp; Aqua Tite</li>
<strong>Bondall Natural Finish Sealer and Limestone &amp; Sandstone Sealer Range</strong>

A typical scenario was conveyed on the package using a lifestyle image to illustrate how a glass of wine can be enjoyed pool-side without fear of stains to costly slabs thanks to the protection of Bondall’s sealer. The risks associated with not using the product were implied rather than overtly conveyed so that the product was positioned as adding value and not merely a ‘necessary expense’.

A key feature of the product is its transparency, reassuring buyers that the look of their flooring will not be altered by the sealer. We highlighted this by applying transparency to the product’s name so that the glass is revealed behind it.

In addition, we introduced the device of using icons to represent features with the ‘Water-based’ icon, reducing the need for daunting and off-putting large amounts of instructional copy on the rear of the package.

<strong>Exocel Water Based Varnish Product Range</strong>

Research indicated that consumers can view water-based varnishes as inferior to their solvent based counterparts. GDA therefore reduced the amount of space devoted to images of water on the packaging and focused instead on the environmental benefits of the product, using traditional images of tough product applications to re-enforce the product’s robust and reliable nature.

In addition, research revealed that most consumers who are new to the product, enter the first stage of commitment by picking it up and reading the instructions on the reverse to reassurance themselves that it is suitable. We continued our focus of making the instructions and layout on this part of the packaging as friendly and as simple to use as possible, by developing the successful icon approach for the all-important instructions. This helped the product range to gain shelf-appeal and a competitive advantage.

GDA also created business to business presentation material to support the sale of the product to distribution channels and ensure an advantageous position on in-store planograms.


<strong></strong>The market for Bondcrete, one of Bondall’s cornerstone products, was threatened by a new, foreign arrival that had entered the market at a competitive price point.

Although the Bondcrete brand enjoyed a strong, established ‘tradie’ brand acceptance, it was losing relevance with younger generations of ‘first-time-buyer’ DIY customers, unaware that their parents had used it ‘back-in-the-day’.

GDA created point of sale material that re-presented Bondcrete’s traditional strengths in a more modern context that introduced the brand and created awareness of its strengths with today’s buyers.
Bondall brands continue to perform well in stores across Australia and Asia Pacific, with a strong brand presence and a good customer-appreciation of their key product features.

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