Gamelan music improves communication skills in custodial environments

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

As the UK economy continues to waver after the global financial crisis and large organisations tighten their belts, charities like Good Vibrations are finding it increasingly difficult to find openings for their projects in prisons and secure accommodation.

They needed to find a way to cut through the resistance and highlight the benefits of their service to all (staff and offenders alike).

We developed a poster designed to engage offenders, create interest and raise awareness of Good Vibrations and the benefits their programmes bring.  We then developed a leaflet aimed at prison officers highlighting the benefits to offenders and to staff in the running of these programmes.

The design brought the vibrancy of the music to life and the copy matched the reading age of the target audience.  This powerful combination resulted in a campaign that opened doors once more to Good Vibrations.


“The leaflets and posters GDA produced for us are not only attractive and professional but they very clearly explain what we do and the benefits we can provide to a target audience that is difficult to reach.
The insight, understanding, reliability and attention to detail that GDA have shown make them a pleasure to work with and we have been delighted with the results”.

Cathy Eastburn / Director

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