No2NPS, NOMS new anti-drug communication campaign

No2NPS, NOMS new anti-drug communication campaign

NO2NPS is the latest and best anti-drugs communications campaign by GDA and has been launched in custodial establishments across the UK.

This powerful campaign is the result of over 15 months of planning and research into NPS, the threats they pose in custodial environments and the key stakeholder groups involved undertaken by both NOMS and GDA’s own research conducted at HMP Moorlands

NO2NPS comprises of a series of powerfully engaging visual messages, each taken from a common key theme identified within our research as important to prisoners, their family friends, staff, volunteers and the wider custodial community.  These messages have been chosen to directly resonate with the emotional responses to this research, using the anger and fear towards NPS that encountered to form a series of compelling visual messages.

More than just a platform to warn, NO2NPS establishes a communication channel between those effected and those in danger to reduce the risks.

NO2NPS is designed to create a platform to capture and disseminate the all-too-real damage NPS has on all those involved from the prisoners through families, friends and those struggling to help victims.

NO2NPS is designed to educate both those at risk either of harm from drugs themselves, or at risk from the consequences of smuggling.

NO2NPS is designed to work across both a range of internal and external print and electronic media solutions that can be customised to suit your needs with a range of print and electronic solutions available.

For more samples and information on the range of print and electronic communications available click here.

For enquiries please click here to contact Joanna Garner.

Copyright on all NO2NPS campaign material remains the property of GDA Design Ltd.

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