Wandoo Reintegration Facility in Western Australia

Gamelan music improves communication skills in custodial environments

Clintons Plumbing, building a business van by van

AIM Higher, encouraging further educational study to 16 year olds


Underpinning everything we do is a framework made up of our ethos, the principles to which we work and a clear and consistent process for client engagement and project delivery.

Our ethos is better communication > better business


Everything that we do is grounded in our principles – the behaviours and attitudes that guide how we do business:

  • We deal with clients and suppliers – both individuals and companies – with integrity and respect, and we expect this in return
  • We approach our clients and all jobs with an open mind providing unbiased, objective advice
  • We are impartial in our recommendations and only propose those solutions, creative and media that best meet the brief and are aligned to the client’s business
  • We are mindful of our responsibilities to the communities within which we work; of the social outcomes of our work; and of impact that it has on the environment


Great creative requires space to think freely and push boundaries – that doesn’t mean we don’t have processes; for the creativity to be harnessed we need clarity, parameters and structure – desired outcomes, messages and a meaningful understanding of the audience to name but a few. We have well-trodden and proven processes that give shape and focus to every job and its these processes that make us effective.

A new client relationship or project often starts with a meeting to scope out the situation, problem or opportunity to be addressed. In line with our principles, we don’t expect our clients to pay for speculative proposals but we do ask that they sign our speculative terms and conditions to protect our intellectual property.

Once we have the big picture – the brief – we will come back with a way forward – an outline of our recommendations and solution. Only then, when this is agreed with the client, will this become a live project and it is at this point that we agree costs and require formal acceptance in the form of a purchase order.

For GDA getting our clients from where they were ‘then’ to where they want to be ‘now’ is more than just a journey between two points, it’s a challenge to undertake the journey in the most effective, efficient and economic manner and have the metrics to prove this.

GDA loves numbers. We love both qualitative and quantitative data, statistics, measurements, sales figures, web stats and polls. They help us monitor our effectiveness and the value that we bring to a business, and ultimately articulate how a subjective issue has been addressed by an objective, measurable solution.

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