Wandoo Reintegration Facility in Western Australia

Gamelan music improves communication skills in custodial environments

Clintons Plumbing, building a business van by van

AIM Higher, encouraging further educational study to 16 year olds



So what do we deliver?….that’s simple, benefits. We get your messages directly to your target audience, powerfully and effectively to hit your business objectives head–on.

Our clients love it when their customers, staff, service users, partners, shareholders and stakeholders buy fully into their business or organisation. They are happy when sales targets, government audits and key performance indicators are met and, often, exceeded.

Our customers love benefits.  We deliver them.


“Good design changes the target audience’s behaviour.  Psychology is the study of behaviour therefore all good design is underpinned by the psychology of communication.” Giles Dutfield

GDA’s approach to driving performance through better communication is grounded in an understanding and application of the theories and methodologies that underpin education. Perhaps a somewhat unusual approach to design, it is our ability to draw from a wider source of research and knowledge that has put us at the forefront of communications and problem solving.

The thing that all our projects have in common is that they start with a problem or an opportunity – an end goal that can be reached through effective, focused and clear communication. Over the years we’ve also noticed that they often share one or two other common characteristics:

  • Audiences that can be difficult to engage. Often because of cultural differences – business or social – they can be influenced by factors like profession, education, age, gender or race to name but a few. Sometimes it’s because the recipients are copying with fundamental issues such as learning difficulties, substance misuse or mental health problems. Our communications traverse these barriers to connect with those audiences who are traditionally hard-to-engage
  • A complex communication landscape with varying physical parameters and structures: audiences located in multiple sites or time zones; differences in technology that mean that one solution won’t ‘fit all’; staff who work shift patterns and rotas; a business with multiple routes to market requiring consistency and control. At GDA we know that your organisation works in it’s own unique eco-system and we work with you to create a communication matrix that complements this and is aligned to your objectives
  • A message that is hard to communicate with subjects that some may find sensitive, contentious or just plain awkward. The message may challenge deep-seated attitudes, be open to misinterpretation or require a strong emotional connection to achieve the desired response. GDA is not afraid of difficult messages and has developed a reputation for dealing with them effectively and with sensitivity

It’s our ability and experience in dealing with communication challenges like these that make GDA different.

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