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Why ‘shampoo and conditioner’ is not the answer

It sounds like a good idea to begin with:  one product that does two things.  Use shampoo on its own and you get clean hair.  Use conditioner on its own and you end up with soft, conditioned hair.  Use them in a combined product and you end up with sort-of clean, sort-of soft hair.  Yes it does both jobs, but neither of them well.

Communication is like shampoo (or conditioner). 

To work well communication must be aimed at achieving one outcome.  Create one tool for one message and make sure it delivers that one message exceptionally well.

Part of our role here at GDA is to direct our clients to the best answer for their unique challenge.  But it’s not uncommon for some clients to be tempted down the 2-for-1 path.

But by trying to get “greater value for money” by making one product deliver multiple messages, they are in fact more at risk of confusing their target audience and failing to deliver anything of note.

The original intention is diluted by the secondary purpose and the message is lost.

One message + one product = Result

When you develop communication for your business or organisation, focus on one message at a time.  Once you are clear about what you have to do, you can then create the right tool for the job.  Give a wide berth to a 2-for-1 (or heaven forbid a 3-for-1) solution and you have a greater chance of delivering your message with success.

Just because you can do many things at once, doesn’t mean you should.

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